Workshop Details

First Name Kim
Last Name English
Event Workshop
Start Date April 17, 2018
End Date April 19, 2018
Days __T____
Times All Day
Cost (USD) $550.00
Location Nicole's Studio & Gallery
Address 719 N. Person St
City Raleigh
State NC
Postal Code 27604
Country USA
Phone 919-846-5832
Kim English - Narrative Figures Inside & Outside the Studio

This dynamnic workshop will teach you to rapidly capture figurative gestures, light and form. Discover how to paint quickly and accurately, concentrating on the "process" as well as the narrative.

We will have models each day and paint numerous studies. You will be practicing capturing the gesture using a controlled approach by focusing on painting shapes that make up the figure/scene. A working palette will be developed simplifying the comparison of color and value, an essential part of making a great painting.

One day will be spent outside in the neighborhood surrounding the gallery painting the model outdoors.

Kim demonstrates on and off throughout the workshop providing an opportunity to observe how he captures the whole scene in 20 minutes or less. His methods are quick and accurate, keeping the painting fresh and alive. This process forces the painter to see the shapes and forms and light patterns and not be bogged down in the details or minutia.

Kim English is an internationally reknowned artist known for his beautiful narrative figures in the environment. Kim is represented throughout the US, featured in countless art magazines and a signature member of many art organizations.